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A casual worker is someone who works irregularly for you without expecting an ongoing job, and will normally work on a “as and if necessary” basis. The most important part of casual employment is that these workers must be covered by employment contracts. Employment contracts must contain certain clauses. Additional clauses should be adopted to meet the needs of the organization and the worker. You cannot use a temporary agreement instead of a trial period to test whether an employee is fit for the job or not. That would not really be a reason for a fixed duration. Our new employment contract creator will help you create contracts tailored to your business and to each person you employ. It is filled with tips that will help you decide what to put in your contract – and what is not in place. This is what you need to do by law and also describes the frequent mistakes made by employers and how to avoid them. Employers and unions must be in good faith in the negotiation of collective agreements, which also means that they cannot be wrong or wrong.

Negotiations are unfair when a worker is at a serious disadvantage when negotiating an individual employment contract. Whenever a casual worker accepts the offer to work, he or she is considered a new period of employment. When an employer decides not to offer work, it is not a layoff because the employer is not responsible for the work. However, when an employer dismisses a worker in the middle of a shift or returns to an agreement on the provision of a workstation, this could mean dismissal. Workers must meet certain criteria to qualify for certain employment rights, such as parental leave, parental leave, annual leave, sick leave and bereavement. There may be small differences between full-time or part-time workers because of the way they work. If temporary reasons and details are not included in the written employment contract, the worker may legally be considered a permanent employee. If you are employed for casual work, the agreement must be clarified in your employment contract.

If you employ someone on an occasional basis, the working time clause should say that they are busy “as needed” and can accept work on demand, but they do not have to. You can offer a minimum number of hours for each work session, but you don`t have to. It is important not to confuse part-time workers with casual workers. Some “casual” workers are part-time workers with a clear work pattern. It is also possible for an employee to start as a casual worker but become a permanent part-time employee. Collective agreements concern two or more workers and are negotiated by the employer and a union on behalf of the workers (see “Union Rights” in this chapter). A collective agreement may include more than one employer and more than one union. A collective agreement ends on the expiry date indicated in the agreement or if the event indicated in the agreement or three years after the start of the contract occurs, which of these three dates or events is the first. Employment contracts are the conditions of employment.

Every worker must have a written employment contract. Changes to labour law mean that employers can no longer offer zero-term contracts. Learn more about working hours (external link) on the Employment New Zealand website. Just because a worker is in casual work does not mean that he or she lacks basic rights such as annual leave.

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