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Other worker`s rights: in the event of dismissal, the worker also receives unpaid wages, overtime, bonuses or other accrued payments that are relevant to the period of employment. An employee should make it clear that he or she is resigning formally. It would be best to do this in writing by giving the right amount of communications. Workers with at least one month of service must terminate one week, unless their employment contract requires longer notice. As a general rule, employers must communicate to workers at least the notice period indicated in the employment contract or within the legal minimum notice period, the longer it is. The minimum legal termination required for termination is as follows: in the event of a longer notice period, the worker must issue the contractual dismissal, otherwise he may violate his contract. As an alternative to dismissal or dismissal, both parties who have signed an employment contract may also agree to terminate their employment relationship with a redundancy contract. This has several advantages for both parties. First, a termination contract allows an employer to express its desire to no longer employ a person it cannot or does not want to employ for any reason, without creating an uncomfortable work environment. While in some cases it is necessary to fire someone, it does not allow existing employees to feel as if their jobs are safe. The debate about respect for work by mutual agreement means that your employees feel more respected. As has already been said, the rules and rules differ from state to state.

When entering into a termination agreement, you must consider the specific nuances of a state`s laws to ensure that your agreement is effective and lawful. That is why it would not be wise to provide a model for all States: some have the same requirements and others have very specific requirements that need to be adapted individually. You can make sure that your boss will give you a reference to the job after the resignation. In general, the conditions for a worker`s departure should be clarified in a manner that corresponds to both parties. This is the nature of a termination contract by mutual agreement. 1. The worker will not compete with the employer, for the duration of the [duration of the non-competition agreement, z.B one year], which includes employment with another company in the same company or similar business, the creation of a new company in the same company or a business similar to that of the employer, or a contractual agreement under which the worker advises another business in the same company or a similar business. , advises or supports. When an employment contract is terminated for any reason, all unpaid annual leave is paid to the worker in accordance with section 59 of the Labour Act.

Note that “cessation” is not a necessary condition for granting paid annual leave.

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