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Once the volunteer has read his sentence, ask the team: if at least one person has answered “yes,” they insert that message into the whiteboard in a column called “Team-wide Candidates.” A working agreement is a living document and deserves constant attention, love and care. Make it appear in the team area. Be sure to release it for new team members. Put it in the retrospective so you can extend it. A retrospective is a good time to make proposals that have not done so, or that we have not had to cover. You can also devote a whole retrospective to discuss and evaluate how good you are at honoring the different balls. Some may be in need of reformulating. Some may even feel obsolete and may need to be removed. And to finish the meeting and exercise, I go through a check-out and ask the team to take turns answering the question: “Which ball in the work agreement will make the biggest difference in your opinion? Which one is your personal favorite? It`s a great contribution! The creation of a team charter is the first step in the “Trainer” phase to create a team system and prepare the team for the next trip. It`s also a good exercise that has to do with a team that is already working, because it can help them make explicit decisions to optimize their performance.

In our experience, most teams benefit greatly from the fact that they have explicit team agreements, not only to avoid conflict, but also to go on the field with clarity and confidence. Our conflict advisory work (inter-call ombuds) includes facilitating teams in creating their team agreements, with training and team coaching tailored to the excellent work of Team Coaching International. Remember, every team is different. The clauses that work for my team might not work for you. So you come up with your own style and find out what works for your team. Over the past five months, we have entered into a number of informal agreements that shape our current behaviour – why not make them explicit, so that our future team members can better understand how we work? Create social contracts that are team-specific. You obviously didn`t pay attention. For this reason, one of the two things happens: either the meeting is long, or all the PBIs are not affected in the time box. This reduces the overall productivity of the team and can lead to missed appointments, hasty work or a redistribution of time to do incomplete things. If there is one or more inches down, the proposal has not been adopted. I ask people to share their views on why it would be bad for the team in the work agreement. In general, this is a great deal of discussion, and often the team comes to a common understanding and finds a way to rephrase the proposal so that everyone is satisfied with the wording.

However, if the group does not decide on a new formulation within 4 to 5 minutes, I will make a time adjustment and discuss.

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